Social Media

DR Mohamed Gmal

Dr. Mohamed Gamal Tammany ya doctor  is a facebook page that offers free medical consultations. 

Earn Digital

They are concerned with young adults. They want to raise their awareness regarding finance by hosting workshops and year-round webinars. Their events are announced  on their website and application. 


Feel Ghoraba is a website and mobile application.They spread different information about different countries, connect people and build communities, act as a platform for selling and buying stuff and more.

Global Language School

Global language school is designed for both genders. It has all the grades from the primary to the secondary

I Protect

I protect is the first platform in Egypt and the Mena region to be built specially for  intellectual property protection. They have achieved so by their  timestamping license from ITIDA.

Iman Royal School

Iman royal school is designed for both genders and aims for quality education. They teach all  the stages from the primary stage to the secondary one. 


Max out is one of the best supplement retailers in Egypt. They sell a huge variety of high quality products such as supplements, vitamins and steroids.

Mr Bocconcino

MR bocconcino is a food truck that makes food with love. They offer cheese related recipes, sandwiches made of fresh baked bread, salads, and more.


Panzo is a restaurant that sells crispy fried chicken burgers, chicken nuggets,  hamburgers and more. 


Red way gym is a fitness community. They have coaches to guide you along the right path. They host events to raise awareness. And, they are expanding rapidly; they have recently opened an energy club.

Soheir Masaood

Soheir Masood has teamed up with the best fashion designers out there to found one of the best bridal boutiques in Egypt.They offer many designs for wedding dresses, hijab wedding dresses, and more.

Tahra Radiology Center

Tahra Radiology Centre is a medical centre established in 1996. They have the best practicing doctors that range from radiology professors to consultant specialists. 

Chef Carlo

Chef Carlo is a shop that has something for everyone. They have Italian coffee, Italian ravioli, pickled olive, Italian cheese, extra virgin olive oil, Italian homemade pasta and much more.