Bona shatters the high barrier around investment, liberating you from the stress of traditional trading and giving you access to global markets like never before.

Bona is your financial partner and we are ready to offer you world-class financial literacy content to help you better allocate your money and maximize your returns.

After almost 130 weeks (2 and a half years), China finally loosened its COVID protocols. This has caused a significant shift in the stock market resulting in Stoxx Europe 600 rising by 0.5%, and currencies like the euro falling by 0.3% to $1.0549.

Equity analysts forecast that the US will have a slow growth in 2023, and China will hopefully emerge from its two-year lockdown.

Investment seems to be a scary word only for old people with white hair! Not anymore let Bona put it in simple terms for you 😎 An investment is simply an asset purchased with the intention of earning money or appreciation; it is any method of earning future revenue 💰

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The path to financial stability is paved with challenges, including unpredictable economic conditions and stagnant wage growth.

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Everyone is talking about how you should be building up assets as you progress in life. But what on earth is an asset?

Let us break it down for you 👩🏽‍🏫 An asset is a resource with economic value, which can be a House🏡, Cash 💷,  Car (Debatable) 🚗, among many more examples

Assets are anything that can be used to generate money in the long-term, and they are usually owned or controlled by an individual, business, or country.

Bona is here to make growing your assets as simple as 1, 2, 3 ✈️ Follow us on our adventure, and learn everything there is to know about investing!

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